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Cross Country tells the story of the Page family as they travel from Los Angeles to Washington, D. C. Geography concepts are explained as the family travels in a warm and engaging way for students.  Join the Page family on their cross country adventure!

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"Most of us have gone through a good deal of drudgery in the way of 'geography' lessons, but how much do we remember? Just the pleasant bits we heard from travelled friends, about the Rhine, or Paris, or Venice, or bits from The Voyages of Captain Cook, or other pleasant tales of travel and adventure.

But, how to begin? In the first place, the child gets his rudimentary notions of geography as he gets his first notions of natural science, in those long hours out of doors of which we have already seen the importance. A pool fed by a mere cutting in the fields will explain the nature of a lake, will carry the child to the lovely lakes of the Alps, to Livingstone's great African lake...


The first ideas of geography, the lessons on place, which should make a child observant of local geography, of the features of his own neighbourhood, its heights and hollows, and level lands, its streams and ponds, should be gained, as we have seen, out of doors, and should prepare him for a certain amount of generalisation––that is, he should be able to discover definitions of river, island, lake, and so on, and should make these for himself in a tray of sand, or draw them on the blackboard.

Let him be at home in any single region; let him see, with the mind’s eye, the people at their work and at their play, the flowers and fruits in their seasons, the beasts, each in its habitat; and let him see all sympatheticall, that is, let him follow the adventures of a traveler; and he knows more, is better furnished with ideas, than if he had learnt all the names on all the maps. The ‘way’ of this kind of teaching is very simple and obvious; read to him...bit by bit...any interesting, well-written book of travel. 

...just as history is the story of what happened to a person, geography is the story of where he was and how his surroundings affected what happened. 

...geography should be learned chiefly from maps. Pictorial readings and talks introduce him to the subject, but so soon as his geography lessons become definite they are to be learned, in the first place, from the map.

Most of the geography books...require they be translated into terms of literature before they can be apprehended. Great confidence is placed in diagrammatic and pictorial representation, and it is true that children enjoy diagrams and understand them as they enjoy and understand puzzles; but there is apt to be in their minds a great gulf between the diagram and the fact it illustrates.  We trust much to pictures, lantern slides, cinematograph displays; but without labour there is no profit, and probably the pictures which remain with us are those which we have first conceived through the medium of words; pictures may help us to correct our notions (emphasis mine), but the imagination does not work upon a visual presentation; we lay the phrases of a description on our palette and make our own picture; (works of art belong to another category"  Charlotte Mason

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C.C. Long’s Home Geography is a lovely introduction to the subject for children. Broken into short chapters with beautiful illustrations and poetry along with questions to help the child remember what has been taught, this book forms a solid foundation that can be built on in later years.

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Written for students but loved by all ages, Marvels of the Orient takes you on a journey to some of the marvels of our world. Visit wonders both natural and man-made, places you’ve heard about, and others you won’t believe you didn’t know about before.  In this book you will- • Climb the Great Pyramid • Search for the Ark of the Covenant beneath Jerusalem • Fly a Prince over Iraq • Hide in the Taj Mahal for the night • Climb Mount Fuji • Explore lost cities ...and so much more!  This edition has been slightly revised to add footnotes with updated place names, facts, and metric equivalents.

Book of Marvels the Occident

Book of Marvels the Orient

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