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Where do I start?

I can remember when we first started homeschooling.  Or I guess I should say when my husband first suggested it.  Boy, did I think he had lost his mind, I could never do that?!  Or so I thought at the time.  I just remember telling myself I at least needed to learn as much about it as I could before I totally wrote off the idea.

I read every book I could find on the subject and I then quickly realized this was something I simply had to do.  I did take it slow... just to see how it would work out, and you know what?  It was fantastic!  

I went to all the blogs, and websites, and as many of us do in the beginning I wasted way too much time and money on programs that never really fit with my children's needs, nor did they fit the ideal education I envisioned for my family.  As a family of seven there are always constant interruptions, so I needed something that was flexible.  If one child is sick, soon enough they all will be.  I needed something my older children could work on independently while I was sick with the pregnancy flu ;) or while trying to take care of myself and a new baby.  I needed something we could all still manage while rebuilding our home from a natural disaster.  That for me was choosing my own living books, making my own schedule, and following my homeschool dreams, not those of someone else.

I hope Classical Charlotte Mason will give you the tools to weather the seasons in your own homeschool journey.  YOU GOT THIS!

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