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Loop Schedule

There is only one person who can choose the best books for your family, YOU!  The benefit home education is the freedom to choose what works and omit what does not.  You simply can not find that in a box curriculum.  Children are not "one size fits all" every child is unique and special.  What works for one of your children may not work for another.  You can build your own schedule and we are here to help!  
Free Loop Lesson Planner and Scheduling Cards!

You Can Build Your Own Schedule!

You can build your own schedule using our simple FREE printable lesson plan (shown above) and our NEW SCHEDULING CARDS!       

“One more thing is of vital importance; children must have books, living books. The best is not too good for them; anything less than the best is not good enough. And if it is needful to exercise economy, let go everything that belongs to soft and luxurious living before letting go the duty of supplying the books, and the frequent changes of books, which are necessary for the constant stimulation of the child’s intellectual life.”    ~ Charlotte Mason

Choose your books for one term.  Follow a loop schedule and pick up where you left off.  Use a timer if needed to stay on track and keep lessons focused and short.  


What should you include in your lesson plan?

One of the hardest parts about planning a Classical Charlotte Mason Education is choosing your books!  There are so many great living books it can get easy to over schedule.  Remember to keep your schedule simple, you don't have to do every subject everyday or even every week, you can always add additional books where time allows.  Over scheduling can lead to burnout for you and your student, don't be afraid to "trim the fat" if you find yourself in this situation. 


Choose your books for each subject for each term.  There are many suggestions for you to choose from under the SUBJECTS tab.  We understand that every family is unique and that all of our suggestions may not work for you.  If you find something spectacular during your school journey, please share it with us at, so that we may share it with other families like you!


Choose your desired subjects to include in your LOOP:

             Christian Studies

             Character Study




             Nature Study

             Picture Study

             Composer Study







             Shakespeare (Once per term)


Select materials for your INDEPENDENT SUBJECTS:

Language Arts (Handwriting, Spelling, Grammar, Writing)




             Foreign Language

             Language Arts:






             Independent Reading:


                          Historical Fiction


​Not all subjects are suitable for all families or all children, do what works best for you.  Simply choose your books and build your schedule.  Start smaller, one term, at a time.  If it’s not working, do not be afraid to tweak your schedule, have fun with it, and enjoy this time with your students.  Having to tweak your schedule does not mean you have failed, that is the benefit of homeschooling, and being able to make changes when needed.

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