Ever hear the saying history repeats itself? Well at Classical Charlotte Mason it truly does! We study a four year history rotation.  What does that mean?  It means every four years your student gets to progress from the very beginning to modern day events.

Each history rotation includes students of all levels and abilities from the lower grammar stage through high school.  That means your child will get to enjoy a trip through history three times, each time making more in depth discoveries.  We include all age ranges in our history rotation, so that is is easier for you, and so that younger students can model the good habits of their older siblings and peers.

History is not just learning about the events of our past, it is about making connections with these people and events, learning from them, and improving upon our own futures.

Ancient History ( - )

Middle Ages, Renaissance & Reformation ( - )

Early Modern ( - )

Modern ( - )


Timelines are a great way to teach history. Students often use them to create projects on a given time period or event with great success. We have found that putting events in order helps students to understand the overall development of a particular event and to understand the development of an historical era. It also allows them to see how historical events are related and points out the cause and effect relationship between historical events.

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