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Picture Study

"We aim at putting the children in touch with the great artist minds of all ages. We try to unlock for their delectation the wonderful garden of Art, in which grow most lovely flowers, most wholesome fruits. We want to open their eyes and minds to appreciate the masterpieces of pictorial art, to lead them from mere fondness for a pretty picture which pleases the senses up to honest love and discriminating admiration for what is truly beautiful - a love and admiration which are the response of heart and intellect to the appeal addressed to them through the senses by all great works of art.


What is the fundamental idea of our scheme of Picture Talks? It is, I take it, our conception of Art itself; not as the luxury of the rich, the plaything of the idle, the fetish of the would-be "cultured," but as a means of expressing man's noblest dreams, deepest thoughts and tenderest fancies. This conception has been variously expressed in various definitions. Thus: "Art is the incarnation of a soul of truth in a body of beauty. ....the beautiful expression of thought tinged by emotion. ....the second revelation of infinity....across the mind of man. ..a second creation: man's will calling a thought into material existence, and his judgment pronouncing it to be very good."    PNEU

Art appreciation was one part of Charlotte Mason's "spreading the feast" before her students; and her method, as always, was gentle and inviting.


Choose three artists to study, one per term during the year. You can either select artists who correspond to your history time period or choose various styles and time periods. 

FREE links are provided to each artists and their works.  Simply choose the three artists you would like to study and then select the works of art you would like to include in your schedule.  They can be viewed on your computer, transferred to a larger screen or printed at your favorite print shop.

Display  a  picture and  mention the  artist who created it. Have students study the picture, taking in all the details about it.

When they are ready, turn the  picture over or close the book and ask them to describe the picture.  Cover the title of the work and have them guess, based on details they noticed in the picture, what the name of the work is.  When their narration is

finished, display the picture again and notice together any new aspects.  Summarize any accompanying information if desired, but be careful not to interfere with each students forming his own relationship with the artist's work. This study is not a lesson in art criticism. Display the  picture  in a  prominent  location so students can look at it throughout the week.

Continue to study  works  by the same artist for several  weeks until the students become familiar  with that artist's style. If possible, read  a short biography about that artist sometime during your study of his or  her work.

Included in our list are some modern photographers whose work is respected and unique. 


Be sure to add your artists to your Book of Centuries/Timeline as you study their  works.

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Vincent van Gogh was a major Post-Impressionist Dutch painter whose work had a huge impact and influence on 20th century art. His paintings were noted for their rough beauty, emotional honesty, and bold color.

Although he was not famous in his lifetime, Vincent van Gogh is now considered to be one of the greatest artists of his time and his paintings now sell for millions of dollars. 

Mary Cassatt was an American artist best remembered for her paintings depicting the intimate bond between mothers and children. She was one of the leading artists of the Impressionist movement.


As an artist she was very interested in studying the private and social lives of women which is evident from her paintings.


Born into an upper middle-class family she was raised in a culturally stimulating environment and received a good education. She was very close to her mother, who was a well-educated and refined lady and whose influence on Mary Cassatt was immense. Cassatt was also a world traveler and it was during a trip to France that she was exposed to the works of artists like Ingres, Delacroix, Corot, and Courbet which motivated her to pursue art as a career.

Classical Charlotte Mason, Classical Education, Charlotte Mason, Picture Study, Ambleside Online, A Delectable Education, Simply Charlotte Mason, Mary Cassatt, Artist Study, AO, Homeschool, home school, home education,

Getting to Know the World's Greatest Artists is a great series of books to help you delve deeper into the artist and their stories.  

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