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Where did Classical Charlotte Mason begin?

After searching curriculum after curriculum and not finding what I was looking for, I decided to begin Classical Charlotte Mason. As a homeschool mother of seven, I had been writing my own curriculum and lesson plans for years and I knew there had to be other families in the same boat! One day after reading about other moms going through the same struggle, I thought to myself, I can make life easier for someone else. I can take this burden off of another parent simply by sharing what I am doing anyway.

In the beginning I hated how much time I was spending trying to find the right curriculum, and then planning my own, only to doubt my efforts -- and boy was it an effort! However, there just wasn't anything out there that fit the idea I had in my head of what I wanted my child's education to look like. I was really drawn to the Charlotte Mason Method and her philosophies yet I wanted the very best for my students and also felt drawn to the rigor of a Classical Education. So year, after year, I made my own, blending the two philosophies and my children were thriving!!

As of late, our family has been struggling to cope with a natural disaster that wrecked our community, so Classical Charlotte Mason has not been my primary focus as we have been trying to get back on our feet. However, I am back at it and I am looking forward to making 2020 our best year yet!

I hope in some way Classical Charlotte Mason has made your homeschool journey an easier one.

Please check back for a growing list of resources.

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