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What's your style?

Updated: Jan 26, 2020

As home educators we often get asked "What's your style?" and this has absolutely nothing to do with the latest fashion trends!

There are so many different styles of home education that it can definitely make a newcomers head spin! From the traditional, school-at-home, well known programs like Abeka, to Classical Education such as Classical Conversations and The Well Trained Mind, Charlotte Mason "purist", and all the way at the opposite end of the spectrum we have delight driven, child-led unschooling.

The greatest advantage of home education is being able to choose the "style" that works best for your personality type and to suit the needs of your student. Thats where Classical Charlotte Mason comes in. These two methods of home education blend so seamlessly together and provide the best balance of challenging content, exposure to great ideas, and quality literature. A Classical Charlotte Mason education can be delightful for your students and you!

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