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History giving you heartburn?

Many home educators find planning and scheduling history to be one of the most daunting tasks to do each year. Should you plan a four year history rotation or a six year history rotation? Should I start with American History or Ancient History? In the end these are dependent upon your individual teaching styles, that is why planning your own history readings actually simplifies your year. You get to make all the decisions!

Planning should not be difficult and if you put to use all of the resources provided here at Classical Charlotte Mason, it will be even simpler than ever! Don't let other programs overwhelm you into thinking you need a box curriculum. There is no better education than the one you plan yourself, because you, as the parent know exactly what the strengths and weaknesses are in each of your individual students.

History books vary widely in content and what you may want to teach may be totally different than what another family or another curriculum has in mind. At Classical Charlotte Mason we give you the tools to make your own choices and plan your year the way you always envisioned it! After all, history shouldn't give you heartburn :)

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